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The finest analog and digital audio mastering signal path in the world !
We offer you a high-end, ultra high quality, audiophile spirit processing for your records.
Using the sharpest technologies available at the moment...
Ultra high resolution digital audio PCM / DXD up to 768 khz / 32 bit , DSD 512 and soon 5.1 multichannel and vinyl records cutting.

The legend begins here...


High lab mastering studio

is built on a philosophy, offering a worldwide best signal path and processing for your music and audio. 

We design and build all the gears and elements of the studio to allow us to have complete control over all the steps of processing, monitoring, acoustic, and to obtain the highest signal path and processing quality.  
The studio is based on 5 years of electronic, acoustic, and processing research, and will always be updated with the best technologies available.
The philosophy behind our processing is not to win any war of Decibels.
Our goal is to translate your work to a real audio system world. Leaving your music with all the details , vibes , etc…
And able to your records to become an audio quality reference.

We can optimize your records 

to able them to show there best on all digital streaming platforms like: Itunes , Spotify , Deezer , Youtube , Qobuz , Tidal ...

On all playing systems

from audiophile system to public address / home systems, tablet, phone / broadcast systems, radio, tv...

On all kind of music

from classical to heavy dubstep.

We are able to propose you a real analog mastering processing to native DSD

we finish really clean high levels in analog world without the needs of digital limiters.


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106A rue Marius et ary Leblond
97410   Saint pierre
La Reunion


Phone: (+262) 692569627


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