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The studio is constantly built by our company Groov Lab's :

-with the best technologies available
-with the highest quality components
-long time conception, design and listening
-fully custom made

Our monitoring system is the most important element of our studio.
It is an ultra precision, micro details listener, for sure the world best mastering monitoring system.

ultra precision, musicality and warmth
5 dedicated analog mastering consoles and 1 fully digital. Each have specific character and utility,
see below for details and choose the one which is the closest of your needs from ultra transparent to heavy colored.

extreme precision clock purest audio analog to digital/ digital to analog converters, and input / output stage.

custom linux and windows based playback and recording pcm/ dxd/ dsd softwares, pure computing.

Caubet Julien ( LinkedIN )

Ultra high quality custom vinyl record cutting lathe 5,1 multichannel monitoring + analog 5,1 mastering console.


We propose you a large and various choices of analog and digital  mastering signal path

from ultra transparent to heavy colored

Choose the closest mastering console processing and color for your project needs and wish


is a fully digital mastering console, bringing the most transparent processing possible

- no distortion and noise added
- True linear phase.
- High fidelity of the original mix space.
- Crystal clear processing

is built to respond to the highest quality and precision analog audiophile demands. This console is a ultra low noise/ distortion, ultra precise and crystal clear analog processing.
- Ultra clean, ultra low noise, ultra low  distortion.
- Equiped with our dynamic reduction technology
- Ultra transparent EQ
- Opamp amplification

is a natural sounding processing. This analog console brings high clarity processing.

- Transparent, warm, precise processing
- Optical gain reduction
- Natural equalizer
- Discrete and opamp inside

is a merge of all the good of tube, opamp, transistor, transformer, warmth processing.

- Hybrid technologies
- Tubes, transistors, opamps, transformers inside
- Vari mu gain reduction
- Passive eq
- warm processing

is all tube path flavor console, old school processing.
- All tubes and transformer processing signal path
- Smooth vari mu gain reduction
- Passive eq
- colored processing

is a noisy, but strong analog spirit console, built for heavy analog lovers.
- sweetly and noisy fet transistor gain reduction
- parametric eq based on opamp
- transistor limiting
- a little destructive processing, but with a ultra warm flavor
- Heavy colored processing


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