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are offered free tracks processing to able them to appreciate and be sure of our improved audio quality processing(*). 
Our goal is to build a long term collaboration. Don't hesitate to contact us by email. 
(* This free service is for professionals. It is submitted to our accord case by case on the content and form.).  

Some prerequisites are required to quality for a booking session, please have a look here.
We want to remind that we don't propose audio restoration.

For PCM stereo processing up to: 

PCM 44.1khz / 48khz / 88.2khz / 96khz / 192khz
 16bit / 24bit / 32bit

Online studio session (without client):
   80eur per track
   ( 70eur on first order)

Studio session with client:
   100eur per track
1 song < 6min

All existing digital output file format available: wav , aiff ,  dsf , dsdiff , flac , mp3 , ddp , ... , ... 

For stereo DXD or DSD  processing:

DXD 384khz / 768khz - 24bit / 32bit
dsd64 / dsd128 / dsd256 / dsd512 

For vinyl cutting or 5.1 surround multichannel  processing:

This service will be available on October 2018


106A rue Marius et ary Leblond
97410   Saint pierre
La Reunion


Phone: +262 0692569627


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